LR Easy Strip Lashes

LR Easy Strip Lashes

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Clients that are allergic to Eyelash Extensions? Or maybe need to take a break from them, whatever the reason may be, we now have the perfect option for you and your clinets! Introducing LR Easy Strip Lashes. Pair with LR Easy Strip Adhesive Liner for the easiest application that will blow your mind. Not only are they easy to use but they also are GORG. We have 7 styles available that are going to give you a similar look to extensions. Keep them on your retail shelves for your clients to purchase if needed. Obviously Eyelash Extensions are the best thing on the planet but these are the next best thing. Styles Lorie, Stacie, Lindy and Madyson are Cruelty Free Mink. Styles Halee, Kathy, and Sarah are Faux Silk. Styles are all sold separately. Don't forget to snag up the adhesive liner as well, it comes in Black and Clear.