Premade Shortage Update

By Carlee Workman

Premade Shortage Update

Hi, Carlee here. I wanted to take a minute and write a little bit about how the pandemic has affected us, and what we’re doing to get through it. I started Lash Reality with a deep passion for not only lashes, but specifically, PREMADES. Quick story for ya, I was at work one day lashing and planning in my head how I am going to tell my volume loving clients that I wasn’t going to be offering volume lashes anymore. That’s how frustrated I was with hand making these suckers. And then I thought…what if… WHAT IF we could come out with a quality premade?! No way. Those don’t exist. I searched and searched and searched and I could oly find one brand that was selling the premades. I used them for awhile, fell in love, and had to share my new found obsessesion with the lash world. Fast forward to selling out of everything we had multiple times, growing our brand fast, and then COVID hits. Good times. The material used to make premades comes for Korea, and Korea shut down the borders throwing us into a PREMADE PANDEMIC YALL. China literally ran out of material. I was crushed. We couldn’t get the materials needed for our beloved premades. It was a very scary feeling having to rely on something out of our control. I felt like I was letting down all my customers, and still feel that way. We are doing our very very best to get our hands on the best quality products for you. Some of your favorite products don’t even exist anymore, maybe they will come back soon, but we really don’t know and for that I apologize. Wahhhhhhhh. We DO still have some great options though. We may even be carrying products that are BETTER than before. That is my hopes! This has given me some time to think about starting our eyelash extension courses. We have out first eyelash extension classic training on the books in Las Vegas. We couldn't be more excited to offer you some amazing classes! Thank you for reading my night time writes and thank you for supporting our small business. Much Love. Premade Gurl OUT.


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