Carlee Workman, the founder, and CEO of Lash Reality started lashing in 2009 after just completing her esthetic’s training from Acadia in Provo, Utah. Trained under a local Las Vegas artist, Carlee is an OG of lash extensions. She quickly gained a love for lashing and expanded and fine-tuned her skill set through classes from beloved and well-known personas in the lash industry such as Hilaree Brand (My Brand Lashes), Lash Anarchist, and Minky’s. After being a brand rep and a trainer for many years, Carlee finally was ready to step out on her own. She was ready to create a brand that stood for everything she loved about lashing. 

With a clientele favoring volume, Carlee constantly grew frustrated with the tedious workmanship behind the creation of uniform fans. Although a firm believer in volume training to enhance understanding of maintaining healthy natural lashes, Carlee disagreed with the bad rep that premade fans were getting. How many lash artists are over monotonously taking the time to create fans that never seem to look as good as everyone else’s [insert hand raised emoji here]? With fans already made, the lash artist gets to solely focus on placement and shape to create that perfect look for their client. Why couldn’t a flawless fan be made beforehand (heat bonded to avoid excess glue and added weight) to ease the process? Well, guess what, it can. [Mic drop]