• A Must-Have If...

    ✅ You want to make sure if lashing is right for you before investing a bunch of money

    ✅ You want to learn how to become a lash artist the most efficient way

    ✅ You are missing education because your first lash course didn't go in-depth

    ✅ You are looking for ways to supplement your lash knowledge

  • This Guide is NOT...

    ❌ A replacement for a beginner's lash course

    ❌ Going to teach you how to perform lash extensions

    ❌ Something you can resell

You WILL Learn...

⚡️ How to become a self-employed lash artist

⚡️ How to acquire your license or earn a lash certificate through advanced education

⚡️ How to price your lash menu to make the most money for your time

⚡️ How to raise your prices annually or biannually

⚡️ How to break up with clients in a gentle yet effective way

⚡️ How to assess natural lashes to choose lash diameters, lengths, dimension

⚡️ How to speed up your lashing time to industry standards

⚡️ How to find and acquire a booth rental for your business

⚡️ How to conduct in-depth client consultations

⚡️ How to position yourself as an expert to attract and WOW clients

⚡️ How to setup your workspace ergonomically

⚡️ How to provide utmost comfort for clients while lashing

⚡️ How to prevent common lashing injuries

⚡️ How to prevent and deal with allergic reactions

⚡️ When you should take your next advanced course

⚡️ Whether or not you should become a trainer

⚡️  Whether or not you should become a salon owner


Chapters + Topics

This guide is JAM-PACKED with information and is reading-heavy! We do include image examples and custom graphics throughout the book.

  • Letter from the Author
  • Where are you in your lash career?
  • Where do you want to go?

  • License Requirements
  • Practice Permits
  • Why Get a License?
  • Continued Education
  • Certifications VS License
  • Why Get a Certificate?
  • Educational Differences in Both

  • Lash Timing
  • What To Focus On
  • Setting Up Lash Models
  • How to Speed Up Lashing Time

  • Choosing Your Career Path
  • Owning a Business VS Being Employed
  • Brand Selection & Exclusivity
  • Product Selection
  • Lash Fiber Lengths, Dimeters, and Curls

  • Formally Starting a Business Tips
  • Working from Home
  • How to Acquire a Booth Rental
  • How to Set Your Hours/Availability
  • Booking Software & Card Processing
  • The Importance of Reporting Income
  • BONUS: How to Price Your Lash Menu

  • How to Attract Your Ideal Clients
  • How to Stand Out to Clients
  • How to Use IG Content to Position
  • Photo-Taking Tips Checklist
  • Apps for Photo & Video Editing
  • Client Cultivation Process
  • How to Break Up With a Client
  • How to Raise Your Prices
  • BONUS: Branding Checklist

  • Touchpoints
  • Customer Service
  • How to Read an Intake Form
  • How to Position as an Expert
  • Answering Additional Questions
  • Aftercare Instructions
  • List of Client Contraindications
  • Causes of Noticeable Changes

  • What are “Ergonomics”?
  • How to Provide Client Comfort
  • How to Provide Lash Artist Comfort
  • Workspace Ergonomics
  • Stretches Hands & Wrists

  • Styling the Client
  • Appropriate Lengths & Diameters
  • Translating What the Client Wants
  • How to Prevent Lash Damage
  • Recommended Fiber Weights
  • Full Set, Fills, Removals Definitions
  • Mapping Rules of Thumb
  • Three Go-To Universal Lash Maps

  • Common Lashing Injuries
  • Subconjunctival Hemorrhage
  • Eye Irritation
  • Corneal Abrasion
  • Anterior Blepharitis
  • Allergic Reactions

  • When to Take an Advanced Course
  • Should You Become a Lash Trainer
  • Should You Open a Lash Salon?

Beginner Lash Artist's Guide to Everything: Lash Extensions

Beginner Lash Artist's Guide to Everything: Lash Extensions

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If you are a beginner lash artist, this might be the missing tool you've been needing. This 100 page guide covers almost every layer, aspect, and potential advice you may need to get started in your lash career.

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