• Patootie / Short Curved Isolation Tweezer
  • Patootie / Short Curved Isolation Tweezer

Patootie / Short Curved Isolation Tweezer

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[Ultraviolet Satin Plasma Finish]

Our tweezers were built with the lash artist in mind. Our isolation tweezers have extremely strong grip at the tip and perfect for beginner or advanced lash artists.


Tweezer Qualities:

✨  Super Low Tension 
Each tweezer is designed with minimal tension to avoid stress on joints in hands or fingers. Prolonged use of tweezers with too high of tension will cause pain, discomfort, and ongoing stress to a working lash artist. Adjust tension as needed for comfortable use.

✨  Hand-Tested for Quality Control
Before being added to inventory, tweezers go through a testing phase of multiple fanning and pickup techniques. We do this to ensure that they meet our specific quality standards. We understand the struggle of finding reliable tweezers in the lash industry, so with that in mind, we test and categorize tweezers based on their performance and pick-up method.

✨  Handmade by Skilled Metal Artisans
Made with Japanese Stainless Steel J1 Class, we work closely with our manufacturer to ensure continued quality. Our goal is to have options for every lash artist's needs based on common preferences.