5 Tips for Taking Amazing Lash Photos

By Carlee Workman

5 Tips for Taking Amazing Lash Photos

photo credit: @lashessoph


We’ve all seen lash photos that are to die for while scrolling on Instagram.  

The set looks stunning, the client looks like a supermodel, and everything about the photo is on point. Then, you click on the artist’s page, and they have hundreds of posts that look just as good, and you wish you could get your work to look like that…

Well, I’m here to tell you that your lash dreams are a reality

Jokes aside, getting those perfect lash photos is totally possible. Practice (and a few helpful tips) make perfect – and I’m here to teach you how to get those Instagram-worthy shots. Here are my 5 tips for taking amazing lash photos: 


1) Invest in good lighting 

Great lighting is the pinnacle of photography. The good news is that bright, even lighting is needed for doing lash sets anyways, so if you’re a practicing lash artist, you likely already own this. And if you don’t yet, then you’ll get good use of the lighting you do invest in. 

In my studio, I use a professional ring light, but there are tons of other light fixtures you can use. In general, you’ll want something that is adjustable and can mimic natural light. Because of how broad lighting is, products can range anywhere from $20 to upward of $2000. Personally, I think you can find studio-quality lighting for a few hundred dollars. However, I recommend doing your research and reading reviews from other lash artists. Also, don’t be afraid to comment and engage with your favorite creators asking what they use!


2) Try all angles

Even the most experienced photographers don’t get the perfect shot in one take. When you’re taking photos of your lash sets, get shots from all angles. Try straight on, side profile, laying down, looking up – experiment! This will give you experience and practice, but it will also help you discover what you like best to show off your sets. 

During this time, it’s also a good idea to shoot videos for TikTok and Instagram reels. Videos show off the lashes more than a photo, and video content tends to do better on social platforms. (Shameless plug to the Lash Reality TikTok)

Side note: Be sure to have a line item in your consent form that gives you permission to use your client’s photos to advertise your work. 


3) Strive for consistency

Who doesn’t love a good before and after lash reveal? Getting the perfect lash photo requires consistency in how you take your photos. Similar composition, angle, and lightning in your before and after shots make your work the main focus. Another pro to being consistent with your shots is that once you find a style you like, it gives an aesthetically-pleasing feed.


4) Don’t over-edit

The best photo editing is undetectable. Less is more when it comes to post-production, so use sparingly. In my opinion, edits should only be made on distractions in the photo that take away the viewer’s attention from the actual work. Over-editing can be super obvious and look unprofessional – think of those overly-smooth edits we’ve all seen.

However, this too is dependent on your preferences. In recent years, there has been a rise in the popularity of all-natural Instagram pages. People are sick of perfection and want to see the real deal! So truthfully, if you don’t want to edit out zits or stray hairs, there’s no shame in that either. As long as you’re not fabricating your work, you’re in the clear. 


5) Practice 

As cliché as it sounds, practice makes perfect, or almost perfect. Over time, you’ll get the hang of it and learn your preferences and how you wish to showcase your work. If you don’t have clients to shoot, you can even try using a mannequin head to help get you familiar with the motions. The internet is also an amazing resource and many of the creators you see on social media are self-taught. YouTube, SkillShare, and even just a simple Google search may teach you something that takes your skills to the next level!

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