How to Choose the Right Curl for Lash Extensions

By Carlee Workman

How to Choose the Right Curl for Lash Extensions

Most people when they hear the word “curl” think of hair. But just like the hair on our head, our lashes have different curls and textures to them as well. We’ve all seen those people (ironically, mostly men) who are blessed with lashes for miles! 

At Lash Reality, we offer high-quality eyelash extensions supplies and premade fans in 5 of the most common curl types. Each has a different look and feel, so we’re going to break down the differences between them. Plus, we’ll cover working with different eye shapes and tips for choosing the right curl types.


C Curl

Think of C curl as the “common curl.” This lash has a short, straight base that turns into a soft curl at the end of the extension. It’s ultra-natural and looks good on practically everyone, which is why it’s so popular! The C curl adds emphasis without looking too dramatic, and its shape makes it great for retention. While the C curl is a great option for most eye shapes, it looks especially flattering on those with almond or upturned eyes.


CC Curl

CC curl is the C’s older, more mature sister. Both have a similar base, but with the CC lash, the extension flairs up more. Using these lashes gives a fresh and awake look, while still remaining on the natural side. Like the C curl, the CC curl looks flattering on most eye shapes. 


D Curl

Is your client wanting drama? If so, use the D curl. These are a level up from the CC curl and add a more dramatic lift. The D curl is great for achieving that doll-like look and lifting stubborn lashes. 


L Curl

L curl is one of the two specialty curls offered at Lash Reality. These lashes get their name because of their straight base and dramatic lift – it looks like the letter L! Typically, these lashes are used on hooded eyes or monolid eyes to give the appearance of a more open and lifted eye.


M Curl

This is the second of the two specialty curls we offer. The M curl has a soft bend to the base and is not perfectly straight, unlike the L curl. Similar to the L, it looks great on hooded or monolid eyes. It would also make a great option for deep-set eyes because of its extended base. 


Other Less-Common Curl Types

These are the five most common types, but as Sam Smith would say, we know they aren’t the only ones! Lashing comes with a dictionary-worth of terminology and there are other lash curl types such as I, J, B, L+, etc. Because these types are less commonly used, most suppliers do not carry them.


Tips for choosing the right curl type

They don’t call us lash artists for no reason. The same way a painter examines their canvas and tools before starting a new project, a lash artist must do the same! Here are our general tips for choosing the right curl type:

  • Learn the eye shapes

Eye shapes vary greatly and what looks most flattering on one client might not look as good on another. Understanding the 10 different eye shapes is the first step in determining how to choose the right curl type. They are as follows: 

  • Almond
  • Round
  • Downturned
  • Upturned
  • Protruding
  • Deep-set 
  • Wide-set
  • Close-set
  • Hooded
  • Monolid

Knowing how lashes emphasize the natural features of your client’s eye will help you determine the right curl types to choose. For instance, if your client has hooded eyes, you’ll want to choose a curl that has a longer base so the lashes aren’t covered by the extra skin around the eye. On the other hand, if your client has protruding eyes, it might be more flattering to go with a natural curl (like C) so they don’t look over the top. 

  • Know your client’s desired look

Regardless of eye shape, you need to know the look your client is wanting to achieve. This is why a new client consultation is so important. It gives you a chance to ask your client questions that help you understand how you can best get their desired results. If their goal is to have the eyes look larger, you will want to choose a more dramatic curl. However, if they want a “my lashes but better” look, stick with natural curls like the C. 

  • If mixing curls, use sister sizes

The layered, texture look is one of the top lash trends for 2022, so don’t be surprised if your client is wanting a multi-curl look. If you want to recreate this trend, choose sister curls a.k.a the curls next to each other. For instance, if you are using primarily CC curl, mix in C and D curls. Straying away from this –like using C and L curls together– might not look as seamless.

Have any additional questions? We’re happy to help! You can contact us here. We also recommend checking out our must-have products for lash extension supplies. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on the latest Lash Reality news and products.


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