How to Prep for Your Lash Client

By Carlee Workman

How to Prep for Your Lash Client

Good prep can save you precious time when lashing. It also sets the tone for the rest of the appointment and shows your client your level of care and professionalism. 

In other words, how your prep for your lash client can determine whether they turn into a repeat customer or not! 

If you want your appointment to go as smoothly as possible, consider doing the following beforehand: 


1) Sanitize your area

The first step to prepping for your client should always be sanitation. Be sure to disinfect all surfaces, including the bed, chair, and your lash station. All disposable items should be new and never used. Reusable tools like tweezers must be sterilized with a medical-grade solution, like Barbicide, before use. A good rule of thumb here is that everything should be as fresh as possible.  

Once the client arrives, wash your hands in front of them. This signals to your client that they can trust all your tools are properly clean. For a more in-depth explanation, read our blog on lash safety and sanitation


2) Grab everything you need in advance

Nothing gets you out of your flow more than reaching to grab something and realizing you didn’t bring it with you before you started. For this reason, I always recommend gathering everything you’ll need before your client arrives. 

Before an appointment, I’ll check to see what service the client is receiving and grab the items I need. Typically, this includes:

  • Any lashes or premade fans needed
  • Tweezers
  • Adhesives
  • Lash cleanser and brush
  • Wands (micro swabs, spoolies)
  • Tape and gel pads
  • Primer and sealant
  • Rinse bottle
  • Paper towels, tissues, hand sanitizer 
  • Nebulizer and handheld fan

My favorite thing for organizing my lash supplies is Happy Tile. Its XL size is perfect for holding my tools and keeping everything neat. (P.S. We have the cutest sidekick for it coming to the Lash Reality shop soon... 👀Sign up for our emails if you want to be the first to know when it goes on sale.) 

Another thing I do is make sure all my tools are in ready-to-use condition. That means the nebulizer is charged and filled with fresh water. I also fill my rinse bottle with warm water, so it’s not freezing for the client. Lastly, I keep a trash can nearby to dispose of items easily. 


3) Keep your tools close by

You want your tools as close by as possible. Most lash glue has a 1 to 2-second dry time, which means there’s no time to waste. Some artists may choose to keep their trays on a cart near their chair, but I prefer to put the tile on the bed next to the client. I keep the lid of the tile underneath it to prop it, so it’s a little bit higher and closer as well. 

The biggest thing here though is to tell your client it’s on the bed! If you’re going to keep it next to them, they need to know so they don’t accidentally roll in it. On that same note, you should always inform your client to make no sudden movement since you’re working with sharp tools!


4) Have good airflow

Airflow keeps those pesky fumes from burning the eyes. It also keeps things cool since you’ll be up close and personal with your client. Our adorable handheld fans are my favorite because they stand up on their own and work like a charm! Plus, they have a divot that can hold your phone if you choose to play some light music! 


5) Keep it comfy 

Anyone who knows me knows I love comfy. (Shameless plug to my Don’t Be a Butthole sweatshirt, which is the comfiest thing to lash in.) 

Keeping your clients comfortable throughout their appointment is one of the best things you can do for client retention – and yourself! If you’re working in a space for 6-8 hours a day, you need it to be an environment you enjoy. 

Ambiance and comfort are created through the senses. Is there nice soft music playing? Does the studio smell good? Is it a comfortable temperature? How does it feel to lay down, are there blankets and pillows? 

Keeping your studio inviting will set the tone for the appointment, and as we’ve discussed on this blog before, first impressions are one of the main factors in whether a client returns to you. 

You also want to consider your own comfort. Are you wearing something that makes it easy to work in? Is there anything that’s keeping you from being fully focused? If so, address these things before your client's arrival. That could mean taking a quick bathroom break, eating a small snack, or doing stretches. 

Lastly, consider the perspective of the clients. Have small bottles of water ready in case they would like a drink. Keep freshly washed blankets and pillows for them to use during the appointment. Small things like this truly make a difference, and your clients will thank you!

Have any more questions on how to prep for a lash client? We’re happy to help! You can contact us here, or reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram! We also recommend checking out our blog, where we cover all things lash extension-related.


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