The Importance of Lash Consultations

By Carlee Workman

The Importance of Lash Consultations

First impressions are everything!

Your initial interaction with someone can be the deciding factor on whether they turn into a repeat client or not.

This is why the importance of lash consultations should not be overlooked! Lash consults are a huge cornerstone in delivering an excellent experience to your clients. Not only does it give you a chance to assess their lash health, but it also helps in managing expectations and building strong relationships. 

Because they are key to running a successful lash business, I thought I’d break down what lash consultations are, what to ask during them, and give some bonus tips I’ve learned from my 13 years of lashing experience!

What are lash consultations? 

Think about what happens when you go to get your hair done– you sit in the chair and the stylist starts asking you questions about what you want. During this, they might touch your hair to examine its length, thickness, and health. They also ask during this time when was the last time you had it professionally done, your day-to-day hair care routine, etc. All of these questions help the stylist assess what needs to be done in order for you to get the results you want. 

Lash consultations follow the same principle. The purpose is for the artist and client to communicate so the best results can be achieved. Typically, lash consultations are done before a client’s service and they only take a few minutes. 

Why are lash consultations important? 

Lash consults set the tone for the rest of the appointment. As I mentioned at the beginning, a lash consultation is your client’s initial impression of you and your business. If done correctly, this can be the start of a long-term loyal relationship! 

Lash consults are more than just impressions though, they also help you and your clients in numerous ways: 


1) They protect you and your clients.

When your client comes in for a consult, this is also a good time for them to fill out new client paperwork. In this, there should be a consent form that clearly outlines everything they need to know prior to their service. 

While it is rare, there are some risks associated with having eyelash extensions. By having your clients sign a consent form, it gives you and your business protection in the event anything goes wrong. 

On your consent form, it should include :

  • Terms and conditions 
  • Permission to take photos of the client and use them on social media
  • Policies including cancelations or late policy
  • Any allergies or medical sensitivities 


2) It gives you a chance to look over your client’s lash health.

Let’s go back to the hair salon example I used earlier. While the client is sitting in the chair, the stylist is assessing the hair health, including any damage, dryness, scalp irritation, etc. Depending on the health of the hair will determine what is possible to achieve without compromising the hair health. After all, there’s no point in bleaching hair if it’s just going to break off after. 

Similarly, a lash artist needs to ensure the client’s lashes can handle the type of extensions they want. If they have short, brittle lashes, it’s not reasonable to have extra-thick, extra-long extensions. 


3) It helps you customize your client’s experience. 

Lash consults are the perfect opportunity to customize your client’s lashes to their lifestyle. This is because during it, you’ll ask questions about their day-to-day routine and how much time or effort they’re willing to commit to lash extensions. 

A client who wants something natural that they can “wake up and go to work in” typically will not have the same lashes as someone who wants an ultra-glam set for an event. Through these questions (which we’ll cover shortly), you’ll also be able to learn the client’s experience level with lashes. 

If they’re new to lashes, that’s a signal that everything you’re doing should be explained fully. Be sure to cover in-depth what they can expect at their first lash appointment and how to make their lash extensions last longer.  

What should I ask in a lash consultation?

Gather as much (relevant) information as possible during the consultation. If you’re struggling with coming up with some questions, here are my go-to’s: 

  • What made you decide to get lash extensions?
  • Have you had lashes before? If so, why did you take a break or choose another artist?
  • Do you wear makeup? If so, what products do you use?
  • Do you wear contact lenses or glasses?
  • Do you have allergies? Any medical conditions I should know about?
  • What are you trying to achieve with lash extensions? 

Bonus Tip: Create a Lash Record for Each Client

If you want to know the secret ingredient to repeat customers, let me put you on! For each new client, create a lash record for them. In this, you should include:

  • Consent form and any new client information
  • Their answers to the lash consult questions
  • What products you used on them
  • Lash maps you used on them
  • If and when they had any foreign fills
  • Personal notes about their life 

This tip is guaranteed to make your lash business stand out and it’s how I’ve kept clients for over a decade. As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, client care is everything when it comes to lashing. 

Plus, creating a lash record is a great way to keep organized. How many times has a client asked you for the same lashes you applied 3 appointments ago and you completely forgot what you used?!

It’s also a sure way to make your clients feel special (and who doesn’t like that?)

If your client tells you they have a special vacation coming up, write it in their record and remember to ask next time you see them. This is truly the secret sauce to building a loyal clientele and your clients (and your business) will thank you!

Have any more questions about lash consultations or consent forms? We’re happy to help! You can contact us here. We also recommend checking out our best-selling lash extension products. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on the latest Lash Reality news and products.


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