How to Sell Retail Items to Your Lash Clients

By Carlee Workman

How to Sell Retail Items to Your Lash Clients

There are tons of ways you can grow your lash business, but one of my favorites is through retail items. 

Selling products in your lash studio is an incredible way to increase your revenue and build trust with your clients. 

I know this can be intimidating if you are unfamiliar with it, so that’s why I wanted to cover how to sell retail items to your lash clients, how it can benefit your business and product recommendations! 

How to Sell Products to Lash Clients

Most of us didn’t get into lashing because we are passionate about sales. That being said, building this skill can be an amazing asset for your business. When I coach new artists in my lash training sessions, the biggest complaint I hear is that they do not want to come across as pushy – which is totally understandable! 

Nobody wants to make their clients feel pressured into purchasing something they aren’t interested in. However, I believe that if you are excited and knowledgeable about your product recommendations, your clients will be more than willing to listen and even purchase! 

Here are some of my tips and tricks for getting the conversation started: 

  1. Only carry things you love. People can tell when we are being sincere. If you only carry products that you love and actually use, your clients will be able to tell. Most clients love hearing “pro tips” that they can use to keep their lashes looking amazing! After all, they’re going to an expert for a reason!

  2. Teach, don’t sell. Education is the best way to introduce new products to your clients. Teach them why they would benefit from using it, and don’t be afraid to demo products for them to see!

  3. Tailor to their needs. Use your professional skills to determine what will work best for your client’s lifestyle, routine, budget, etc.

  4. Buy in bulk. Lash supply retailers, like us, have wholesale pricing options when you buy larger quantities. For instance, if you buy 10 or more of our Radscara, it will automatically apply a 50% discount. We use this model so that clients are encouraged to buy directly from you, the lash artist, rather than from us. If they come to our website, they’ll see the same price they would pay at your salon (our suggested MSRP). If you are searching for retail items, always double-check to see if there is wholesale pricing. 

The Benefits of Retail Items

When we discuss the benefits of retail items, it comes down to two things: revenue and trust-building. By selling these products in your salon, you are increasing the amount of money you earn per client. With new clients, you have the opportunity to educate them on proper aftercare and introduce them to items that will help them keep their lashes on longer. Repeat customers will also restock items meaning it’s a win-win either way.

The truth is that if you aren’t selling it to them, other people will. Clients are coming to you because you are the expert. They want your recommendations! If you had questions about hair care, you’d ask a hair stylist, right? The same goes for lash artists. Clients know that they are going to get the most informed reviews from their artists. Having retail items that benefit your clients helps establish you as an expert they can trust for great product information!

Retail Items for Lash Artists

Now that you understand the importance of retail items, it’s time to stock up! There are tons of products that lash artists can retail to clients. As I’ve mentioned, the most important thing is only selling products you truly love. 

At Lash Reality, we want to see our artists thrive! That’s why we created a collection of products that can help drive your revenue and build stronger relationships with your clients. These products include: 

Rub-a-Dub Lash Cleanser + Cleansing Brushes

Every client should be leaving your studio with a cleanser and cleansing brush so they can keep their new set as long as possible! Wouldn’t you rather have them buy it from you than try to find one on Amazon?


Rad Lash Natural Lash Serum

Lash serums are an excellent product to retail because it helps strengthen the natural lashes. I always recommend it to clients who have damaged lashes from a previous salon or to those who can’t wear extensions due to lash allergies


Brow Gel

Makeup naturally compliments lash services. Brow products are also great to have if you offer brow laminations, threading, or waxing.




For most of our lash artists, not all of their clients wear extensions. That’s why we added Radscara, the natural mascara and lash serum in one. We wanted to provide a product that caters to non-extension-wearing clients who still want long, healthy lashes!

Now, this isn’t an exhaustive list. We’ve seen artists experiment with selling other items like lip glosses, tweezers, or even jewelry. The key is to keep it simple. Don’t go overboard and spend all your money on things that sit on the shelf. Have a cute, engaging display with a few of your favorite products, and you’ll start to see the benefits of selling retail items to your lash clients!

As a reminder, all of the items listed here are available for wholesale pricing! Simply add 10 or more to your cart, and a 50% discount will be automatically applied at checkout. 

Have any more questions? We’re happy to help! Contact us here or message us on Instagram and Facebook! We also recommended checking out our blog for more educational lash content like this post.


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