What to Expect at Club Lash Reality

By Carlee Workman

What to Expect at Club Lash Reality

Lash Reality is coming to a location near you! 

Yes, we have recently expanded our focus on education, and we are so excited to announce our newest project: Club Lash Reality. 

As we grow and add more training locations, I wanted to take time to answer some of the questions we’ve been receiving on social media. 

What is Club Lash Reality? 

Club Lash Reality is our new training studio in Eagle, Idaho, located about 20 minutes from Boise Airport. We will begin hosting training in our new space next month, with the first three classes set for September 3rd, September 17th, and September 19th. 

Do I need a cosmetology or esthetician license to attend? 

Idaho is one of the few states that allows lash artists to practice without a cosmetology or esthetician license. This means that it is not required to hold one of these licenses in order to attend these trainings. 

However, these laws vary from state to state. Our class does not take place of a cosmetology and esthetician license in states that require them. If you fly in from another state, please check your state’s regulations. See here for more information on lash certificates vs. licenses.  

Who is this course good for?

Our course is ideal for those looking to kickstart their lash career through specialized training. We welcome all skill levels, but these classes are geared to beginners with no previous experience. 

What will the training cover?

Our Classic & Volume Intensive Course will help you master the fundamentals of lashing! Some of the things we’ll cover include:

How long is the training?

Our Classic & Volume Lash Training is a one-day course that will span 8 hours from approximately 9 am to 5 pm on the selected dates.

Where will it be?

Our training will take place at Club Lash Reality in Eagle, Idaho. Address will be disclosed after attendees reserve their spot. 

What should I bring with me?

This one-day full course will span 8 hours, so be sure to dress comfortably! Other than that, we will be providing everything you need, including lunch. 

What’s included in the Starter Kit?

We will be providing our students with only the very best! Our Starter Kits include everything you’ll need to start accepting clients. Plus, they come in a super cute Orange Trunk.

The kit includes: 4 Boxes of Lashes (2 Classic and 2 Volume in a variety of curls and thicknesses), Beginners Luck Adhesive, Box of Adhesive Wipes, Glue Trays, Sealer, Primer, Too-da-loo Glue Remover, Rub-a-dub Lash Cleanser, 5 Cleansing Brushes, Rinse Bottle, Handheld Fan, 1 Happy Tile, Pair of Tweezers, Paper Tape, Blue Sensitive Tape, Gel pads, Mascara Wands, Microswabs, Lash Pen, Premade Tray, Certificate, and a Training Manual. 

Are there any other benefits to taking Lash Reality’s Classic & Volume Lash Training?

One of the best parts about our Idaho lash trainings is that there is a three-student limit. This means there is tons of opportunity for one-on-one time with our expert trainers. Along with this, you’ll get a lifetime 10% discount with Lash Reality!

Plus, if you still feel uncomfortable applying lashes after your training, we will let you come back and take the class again for free! You can also schedule free consultation calls with your trainer for any follow-up questions. We want to be a lifetime support network for you and your business! 

How much is it?

A $100 nonrefundable deposit is required to hold your spot in class. If you cannot make this class, a two-week cancellation is required for the $100 deposit to be used towards another training. The full payment of $1200 is due 2 weeks before the class date. 

Are there financing options available?

Yes! Please email lashrealityrach@gmail.com for more information.

 What if I need to cancel?

If you cannot make the class, a two-week cancellation is required for the $100 deposit to be used towards future trainings. For further assistance, please email lashrealityrach@gmail.com.


Will there be more training in the future? 

Yes! Stay tuned by following us on Instagram or Facebook to see where we go next! In the meantime, you can start learning the basics of lash extensions through our extensive library of educational lash content


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