What to Expect at Your First Lash Appointment

By Carlee Workman

What to Expect at Your First Lash Appointment

Welcome to the world of lashing!

As a newbie, it’s completely normal to have questions before your first lash appointment. Just like any cosmetic service, there are some best practices you should follow before coming in for your first set. Following these tips will help both you and your artist have the most comfortable experience possible. 

Because lashing is such a delicate and tedious process, it’s important to follow these guidelines to get the best results. Here is what you can expect at your first lash appointment: 


1) Come in with clean lashes

Your lashes need to be as clean as possible before coming into your appointment. This is because the adhesive used to bond the extensions needs a clean slate free from dirt or oil. To make sure your artist is working from a fresh canvas, please arrive to your appointment with no makeup or skincare around the eyes. If you come in with makeup residue or thick eye cream, it could interfere with the glue, and the extensions are likely to fall off quicker.

Your artist will give you a lash bath as part of your prep, but one wash may not be enough to get them squeaky-clean. Lashes are sneaky, and there may be residual mascara or eyelash glue between them that you might not notice normally. This is especially true if you’re a waterproof mascara or strip lash lover! Be extra careful and give them a good cleaning before coming in.

2) No caffeine before your appointment

This next one might hurt if you love coffee as much as us, but it's essential. Do not drink caffeine before your lash appointment! That means no coffee, green tea, energy drinks, or caffeinated soda. You might not notice it, but caffeine makes the eyes twitch – no bueno for someone who is trying to attach little lashes on with sharp tweezers! To prevent this, avoid drinking caffeine the day of your appointment. Trust us; your lash artist will be able to tell if you had some! Skip the morning Starbucks run and save it for after your appointment. 

3) Get comfortable 

Beauty takes time! A full set of lashes can take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours, depending on the set. Because of this, you’ll want to clear 3 hours or more from your schedule as not to rush your lash artist.  Similarly, be prepared to lay down for that amount of time and wear comfortable clothing! If you get cold easily, bring a jacket or blanket. Your lash artist may even have blankets you can use during the appointment. 

4) Naps are encouraged

As much as your lash artist would love to chit-chat, naps are actually preferred during appointments. Falling asleep can help your artist get done in a timely manner without any distractions. It’s perfectly okay to bring headphones and catch up on some beauty sleep! Your lash artist will wake you up when your set is complete. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I wear contacts during my lash appointment?

Some artists may recommend not wearing your contact lenses during your lash appointment. While generally safe, it is a good idea to bring a contact case and solution with you in case you feel any discomfort. If you are prone to dry eyes, moisturizing eye drops can also help. After the initial appointment, however, there should be no issue wearing your contact lenses with your lash extensions!.

How much do lash extensions cost? 

Pricing will vary depending on the artist, their experience, and the style of the set. Typically, full sets cost between $80 and $150. Full sets that require more lashes (or fans) will range on the higher end. 

Should I tip my lash artist?

While it isn’t required, tips are greatly appreciated in the service industry. If you love your lashes, be sure to tip 20% to the artist! 

How do I take care of my lash extensions? 

Aftercare is essential for lash extensions. You’ll want to keep your lashes looking good as new for as long as possible. To do this, it’s important to follow aftercare instructions, like daily cleanings and resisting the urge to pick at them. For a more detailed explanation, visit our post How to Make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer.  

Want to learn more about what to expect at your first lash appointment? Check out our FAQ page. For all additional questions, feel free to contact us. We’d also love for you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on the latest Lash Reality news and products.


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