How to Keep Your Lash Clients Coming Back

By Carlee Workman

How to Keep Your Lash Clients Coming Back

A successful lash artist is more than someone who can create flawless sets – they also have to be a great businesswoman! Building a loyal clientele is no easy feat, and it involves more than just gorgeous lashes. 

Being in the industry for over 13 years, I’ve seen talented artists with huge gaps in their day because they aren’t retaining clients. If that’s you, don’t worry. Lash Reality is here to help! Here are our tips for staying booked and busy and keeping your clients coming back for more. 


1) Prioritize lash retention

Let’s be real. No matter how beautiful your sets are, if they only last a week, your clients won’t come back! Clients want to get the most from their lashes, so learning how to get the best retention possible is important for building a clientele. Little things like prep work, how you treat your adhesive, and using a nebulizer can all greatly improve how long the extensions last. Of course, natural lash growth and aftercare impact this as well – but as an artist, you have to focus on the variables you can control! If you’re still struggling with retention or looking to brush up on your skills, check out our Tips for Better Lash Retention


2) Make your clients feel comfortable

Client care is everything in lashing. After all, you’re up close and personal with them for hours at a time. To build a successful lash business, you’ll need to make your clients feel comfortable. Different people have different preferences, but in my experience, kindness always wins. Be friendly and inviting while still maintaining your boundaries. Another thing to keep in mind is your setup. A comfortable bed and a pleasing environment go a long way! Be sure to offer accommodations like water or playlist privileges. 


3) Explain everything in detail

I talked about this in my post 6 Common Mistakes New Lash Artists Make (And How to Fix Them), but I’ll say it again! Treat new clients as if they know nothing about lash extensions. Doing this will ensure you don’t skim over important details like aftercare. After all, your clients are coming to you because you are the expert. Going over everything in detail shows you are a professional and you treat your business as such. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to answer any questions they may have, rather than them going to Google which might not have the right information or missing details that could damage the lashes i.e. no waterproof-mascara.


4) Rebook before they leave

Rebooking is huge when it comes to building a clientele! After a new set, your client will need to come back in approximately two to three weeks for a fill. Make sure they come back to you and rebook before they leave. More often than not, your client will get busy or forget. By rebooking them while they are with you, it prevents lost clients who may have gone elsewhere for a fill and possibly saves you from having to turn down last-minute requests. 


5) Offer fair pricing

Price isn’t everything, but it does play a factor when building a clientele. At the end of the day, everyone wants to know they are getting their values worth. When pricing your services, it’s important to find a balance. If prices are too low, some clients will question why it’s so cheap. On the other hand, if it’s too expensive, it’ll be much harder to get them in the chair. To get an accurate picture, see what other artists in your area charge. Consider your experience and materials as well. Typically, a full set costs around $100. 


6) Send them text reminders

Text reminders are a great way to legitimize your business. They’re also helpful for retaining clients! Many artists use automated services that allow online booking and text reminders, but there’s also no shame in going to good ole’ reliable way. Personally though, I would recommend investing in an automated tool. Some services are as cheap as $30/month and it takes a load of manual work off your plate!


7) Follow-up with your clients after their appointment

Go the extra mile and check up on your clients a day or two after their appointment. Not only will this allow you to answer any questions or concerns they may have, but it also shows you genuinely care about them! Small things like this add up and are monumental in establishing the artist-client relationship.

When you’re first starting out, it can seem difficult to build a steady list of clients, trust me! Today there are many ways to reach potential clients (like social media), but at the end of the day, that only goes so far if you can’t keep them coming back. 

Have any additional questions? We’re happy to help! Contact us here. We also recommend checking out our must-have products for lash extension care. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on the latest Lash Reality news and products.


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